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Does it seem like everyone's in a bad mood these days?

That's how I felt a few years ago...

It all started with a busy day at the office, a crazy meeting and a vial of some sort of calming essential oil blend. In the hysteria of the day, the oil spilled, my dress was soaked, and everyone in the meeting kept asking what was it that they smelled.

If I were going to use essential oils to manage my day, my stress and my mood, then they needed to be a little more discreet. They also needed to be totally portable, TSA friendly, and fun.

Mood Food was born. The name’s a little funny but the way I see it: we don’t need to feed our mood with food, as much as we need to stoke its fire and keep it burning through thought, intention and connection.

Over a year in development, with countless blends and oils, several attempted bases and packaging options and we’re finally here. The balm base is made with organic oils plus a vegan wax, so it's creamy and emollient. The essential oils are blended with equal parts efficacy and ‘oh that smells good’ in mind. And the crystals are an innovative sprinkle that add a little extra power of intention.

Let me know what you think…


Linda LaSala


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