10 Reasons Why Our Mystery Cling Makes the Perfect Gift

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small positive affirmation clings

Office White Elephant? Book Club? Work Friends?

Here’s a few thoughts on why our Mystery Cling is the answer and why we think it's the perfect gift.

  1. It’s ageless. We designed the messaging with adults in mind, but we’re finding teens and tweens love them too.
  2. It’s thoughtful, but not in a creepy or sappy way.
  3. It’s a great conversation starter – it gets people talking, or better yet, thinking!
  4. It’s unique. Really – have you seen these anywhere else?
  5. It’s inexpensive, coming in under the $10 cap – even with shipping!
  6. It’s fun! Who doesn’t love the thrill of discovery?
  7. It’s not a throw away. Our messages resonate, and are sure to hold their own on a refrigerator, mirror or other smooth surface.
  8. It’s on trend. Self Care is everywhere!
  9. It’s recyclable. Just follow #7 recycling rules.
  10. There’s no sugar crash, It’s food for thought – a nice change from holiday indulgences.

Shop our Mystery Cling online here.

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