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Can we go a little deeper here? Beyond physical self care here with suggestions for gifts that work our mind and heart? Whether they help us tune in – or out - or think through things and really dig deep to allow for transformations that might go a little further than a body oil or a pedicure (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those!). Here are a few ideas that get us thinking, in a kind and loving way. Most of these suggestions are tried and true for us. They’ve really made a difference and moved us forward when we needed them.

 Mantra Magazine. What fun this is! Like no other magazine we’ve ever seen, it’s more like a workbook, with places to jot notes, guided ‘articles,’ thought provoking prompts and swoon worthy lifestyle features. It’s downloadable too, so there are plenty of pricing options. Our thoughts: pick up a hard copy of the latest issue, (see where it's available here) and add on a digital subscription (here).

Sonia Choquette Good Vibes Tribe. Do you have that ‘knowing’ that you’re not alone? Are you sure you’re being guided yet struggle to tap into that awareness when you really need it? World reknown intuitive and author Sonia Choquette has built her life and career around helping people connect with their own spirit, leading them to find their path and guidance and live a life of grace and fulfillment. Her Good Vibes Tribe grants access to meditations, visualizations, online courses, weekly messages and so much more, making it a life changing gift for your most spiritual friend. Better yet, sign yourself up too and work through the courses and lessons together! Learn more at her website.

Mood Mantra Clings: Even a small check in or morning quip can change the course of a day. That’s why we love our Mood Mantra Positive Affirmation Clings. Stick them in the shower or on your mirror, for a boost in the morning, or on your computer, locker or even in the car to circle back later in the day. Find them all online here.

Into The Light by John Lerma MD. You know what they say about life – “No one gets out alive.” This incredibly touching book by Dr. Lerma, a hospice physician, details some of what he’s seen and learned in his years of practice. His accounts of peace and connection as patients approached death are life changing. This is a must for anyone who has an aging parent or who is dealing with illness, but it’s also a surprisingly uplifting and beautiful book for anyone who thinks deeply about their place in the world and how they can connect to their path.

Christie Zimmer, Journal Pages:  Have a friend who’s trying to get into journaling? Christie Zimmer’s website is a must! We love the series of ’10 Minute’ pages, with titles like 10 Minutes to Save Your Day and 10 Minutes to Let Your Mind Wander. Many of the pintable pages are free to download and there are some collaborative pages that are unique and thought provoking. Pair this with a blank journal and a set of colorful pens and you’ve definitely got a winning gift.

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