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While overindulgence just might inevitable during the holidays, our list of delicious food and drink gifts below skew towards the healthier end of the treat continuum. Some of them are down right healthy!! All of these suggestions are available online, but we suggest planning way ahead as

Goodio Chocolate Advent Calendar. Creamy, smooth, vegan and brimming with fresh flavors, we discovered the Finland based Goodio in London a few years ago and have splurged stateside ever since. (translation: it’s expensive, but there’s nothing like it – super smooth and the flavors are incredibly fresh!) Get this advent calendar before it sells out – we missed it last year but have already pre ordered. $65

8 Greens Gummies or fizzies. The quick dissolving tabs up the ante for an on the go bottle of water or an afternoon gotta-get-it-done pick me up. We’re still partial to the original lemon-lime flavor, but there are plenty of new flavors and formulations. Tuck a tube or two into a stocking or tie into the bow of a gift for anyone who travels as these make such a difference when it’s not easy to whip up something healthy. Prices vary.

 Do you have a friend who’s a hot yoga or infra red sauna enthusiast? Treat them to LMNT’s trial pack with 12 flavors of their sugar and other additive free salt/potassium/magnesium mix in. It’s a game changer for your sweatiest pals. $20

Trust us, if you like pecans, you’re going to want to order extra jars of Pecan Smash. While it sounds so simple, pecans, a little sugar and flavorings like chocolate, coffee and seasonal pumpkin spice, there’s something in the alchemy of this that makes it just so darn good. Seriously, be sure to order a combo pack and try multiple flavors. We’ve had to reorder because we’ve eaten them all before guests arrived or gifts needed to be mailed. And there’s a new sugar free version that’s just right for anyone trying to eliminate or cut back on the sweet stuff. From $15

Have a work-mate or bestie that’s quitting coffee, or just loves a beautiful cup of tea? Turn them on to Pique Teas. They’re crystalized tea, in perfectly portable sachets, which turn into the most fragrant and flavorful teas when water is added. Many can be shaken into a bottle of cold or room temp water and there’s a great selection of decaffeinated options as well as specific teas designed for intermittent fasting. These teas are special, and totally gift worthy. Share them with your organic-only friend – as their triple screened for toxins. The site also offers supplements in their signature crystalized form, but we’re such fans of the teas, nothing beats their pure and clean flavors.

Looking for non-food gifts or a few more options? Check out our other gift guide here. Have a crafty or creative pal that’s always hard to shop for? Our sister company Scented Stitches has some gift suggestions just for them.

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