What’s a Cling? Why is it like magic?

They stick like a sticker, but there’s no adhesive - so, yes, we think our clings are pretty magical. You can move them anywhere you like and there’s nothing sticky left behind. This makes our clings perfect for mirrors, appliances, lockers, walls and more.

They’ll adhere to any smooth surface, and we’ve found that they really hold firmly. But if your surface is dusty or dirty, that impedes the stickiness… just rinse any particles off the back of your cling, let it air dry (a towel or even a paper towel will just deposit lint) and it will be as good as new.

The secret is the material – it’s called Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE for short. This cool material combines the flexibility of rubber with the recyclability of plastic. It’s safe and is often used for medical tubing and yoga mats. Recycle it following #7 recycling rules.

See all our Mood Mantra Positive Affirmation Clings here.

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