December’s Disruptive Energy…

December's Energy Forecast Disruptive Energy

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Listening to a few monthly/weekly energy forecasts, we’ve gotten the sense that December just might be a little disruptive, and maybe not the month to try to push through a personal agenda.

The way we interpret it, there’s a just-go-with-it message, along with the notion that if anything gets derailed, it’s probably for the better in the long run.

Natalie Miles zeroed in on this disruption on her December Energy Forecast, and highlighted the need for us to find our truth and use that as our compass to navigate as we move forward. This got us thinking about our Speak Your Truth Crystal Balm and Paved By Angels Crystal Balm. Both are designed and formulated to help you find your path and live your truest life.*  And the weekly Nuurvana video echoed a similar sentiment – whether you go with the flow or steamroll your way through, you’re going to end up at the same place and time… so try to enjoy the journey!

Here are a couple of links to our favorite energy channelers as well as another Sunday must-read: our weekly horoscope:

Natalie Miles - Monthly Energy Video Forecast

Nuurvana - Weekly Video: always with a mantra for the week! 

The Astro Twins Weekly Horoscopes


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