How Can Mood Food balms be vegan?

It’s the question everyone is asking us… how are we able to make a balm, which traditionally calls for beeswax, vegan?

We use a different kind of wax – Candelilla Wax.

It comes from a shrub, mostly grown in the desert areas of the southwest USA. The wax is harvested from the leaves of the bush and, obviously, it’s plant based. It has a pretty, buttery yellow color and melts easily into our oils.

We mix organic Candelilla Wax with both Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Oil (both also organic) to form a soft balm that’s not greasy or tacky. It’s pretty emollient, so you can use any of your balms on rough heels, elbows or cuticles as well. And Candelilla wax is non comedogenic – which means it doesn’t clog pores.

All in all it’s a vegan win-win!

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