What’s a Crystal Balm?

Crystal Balms are pretty unique! We found some powdered crystals and thought that it would be fun to add them to our balm base to enhance their effectiveness by providing a secondary source of power and intention.

But stones are rocks… and rocks don’t exactly dissolve, so figuring out how to blend the powder into our base took a bit of trial and error. Eventually we figured out a way to infuse the powder into the warm base (at the same time we add the essential oils) plus an extra dusting of crystals into each balm as we pour it.

You might be able to see the powder in the balm, but some of them don’t have a distinct color, so they’re not really visible. When you use the balm, it might be a little bit gritty – but we like that! It’s proof that the crystal powder, with all its power, is working on you and for you.

Each powder is cleansed and ‘programmed’ with an intention as we make the balms. If you want to enhance or add to the intention, you absolutely can!

Another note about Crystal Balms – sometimes a little bit of powder shows up on the lip of the inside of the container, right on top. That’s from when we add the extra sprinkle as we pour. We never touch, wipe or blow on the tops of the balms as they are setting or when they’re packaged, so if there’s a little powder there when you open it, don’t be bothered by that… just rub it in when you use the balm for the first time and know that it’s all good.

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