What’s a Crystal Balm?

Crystal Balms are pretty unique! We found some crystal flakes and thought that it would be fun to add them to our balm base to enhance their effectiveness by providing a secondary source of power and intention.

But stones are rocks… and rocks don’t exactly dissolve, so figuring out how to get the rocks into our base took a bit of trial and error. First we tried infusing crystal powders into the warm base (at the same time we add the essential oils) plus an extra dusting of crystals into each balm as we pour it. But that felt a little gritty...

Then we found the flakes - which are different sizes, but larger than powder. These flakes sit perfectly in the base of the container, and you'll never feel them because they're nestled in the very bottom... actually the part that doesn't even come up over the top of the edge, even when the balm is fully rolled up.

The crystals are cleansed and ‘programmed’ with an intention as we make the balms. There is a special mantra for each balm that's recited as they're made. We also run an UV light purifier over them.

If you want to enhance or add to the intention, you absolutely can! Just hold it, think of your own intention or mantra, and say it a few times, visualizing the energy of your voice and thoughts going right through the container into the balm. 



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