How do I use my balm? We hear this question all the time. 

Here’s our favorite ritual for a quick moment of change/relaxation/attitude adjustment (whatever you need) throughout the day:

--Open your balm – you’ll immediately get a whiff of the scent.

--At this point practice a little mindfulness. Stop thinking about whatever is causing you discomfort at this moment. Breathe deeply. Mentally go to your ‘happy place.’

--Twist up so that the top of the balm is past the casing, this way you’re not scraping off what you’ll be swiping on!

--Swipe your balm on the insides of your wrist – a couple of swipes each is fine, continuing to take deep breaths. Put the cap back on your balm and put it down.

--Gently cup your forehead with your hands so that your wrists are hovering around your nose.

--Take a minute – yes, a full minute. Breathe deeply. Clear your mind. Adjust your attitude.


This is just one way to use your balm. Some additional suggestions include:

Rubbing on the back of your neck. This is especially effective to cool down, calm down or help fight a headache.

Swipe on a paper cut or small abrasion.

Rub into ragged cuticles - the balm itself if super emollient.

Use on your chest or décolletage for gentle whiffs of fragrance throughout the day.

Rub on your heels to prevent friction from shoes, and on the soles of your feet after showering (and before bed if you're using a relaxing blend).


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