Feeling “Emotional?” We’ve Got a Blend for That…

At Mood Food, we’re in the process of updating our labels, and as we’re knee deep in rolls of labels, feeling like we’ve created a mess in the workshop, something has become crystal clear:

Completely unintentionally, our blends seem to be split down the middle, with ‘actions’ being served by our Aromatherapy Balms and ‘emotions’ covered with Crystal Balms. The realization turns out to be pretty cool, totally synergistic and kind of an ‘ah ha’ moment!

As far as emotions go, here’s how the blends stack up:

Deep Seeded and Unresolved Anger, A Desire to Change Habits:  New Day

Grief and/or Sadness, The Need to Develop Self Love: Just Love

Fear: Shield Me

Negative Thoughts: Defender & Paved By Angels

Uneasiness, Not Sure Where You’re Going, Frustration with Communication: Speak Your Truth

Feeling Stuck, As If You’re Missing Your ‘Calling’: Paved By Angels

Not Living Up to Your Potential, The Need to ‘Move On’: It’s All Good

Complete Turmoil and/or Overwhelm, Lots of Up’s & Downs, or a Mix of Several Emotions: Balancing Act

As always, there's no right and wrong or judgement when it comes to emotions. The information above is something we've observed as the collection of balms has grown and we've interacted with customers.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Mood Food Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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